POSTED: 3rd August 2023 3rd Aug 2023


Plein-Air Competition Results

Thank you to everyone who took part in the annual Haverhill Plein-Air Painting Competition on 22 July. We're delighted to be able to reveal the winner: read on for full information including remarks from our wonderful judge, Joel Millerchip.

The winner, taking home the grand prize of £60, is JAN COULING!

Judge Joel Millerchip said of Jan’s painting, “This painting has a beautiful light to it, the line is weathered and it just looks like spring time in Haverhill which I think is really nice. I love the fact there’s the typography of Nine Jars in the corner, it makes me feel like I’m actually there having a cup of tea in the street. It’s a really, really nice piece.”

In second place, winning £40, is LISA WILLES.

“A great collection of colours and materials used on top of a collage of book lettering to make a nice collective mix of imagery from around Haverhill. I love the detail to the buildings, and the stonework on the Church; a really lovely piece.” Judge, Joel Millerchip.

Taking third and fourth place are CELIA HART and AMANDA BARRET.

Of Celia’s painting, Joel said, “The darkness in this piece is really lovely… it’s a really rich piece.” and of Amanda’s entry, Joel said, “The hustle of Haverhill is brilliant in this one… love the colour of the brickwork and detail of the birds is a really nice touch”.

Congratulations to our winner and runners-up and a massive thank you to Joel for his kind words. Thanks to everyone who entered, see below for a gallery of some of the brilliant paintings produced on the day.


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