EART Bell Ringers

Music Sat 1 Jun 2024 7:00PM


  • 1st June 2024 | 7:00PM
    Prices: Standard: £15.00 | Concessions: £12.00

The East Anglian Regional Handbell Team (EART) is a group of around 30 amateur musicians who promote the art of tune ringing. The team’s eclectic repertoire covers most genres along with original handbell music.

Currently the team covers 7 octaves of bells and 6 octaves of hand chimes plus various multiples. The bells are predominantly English bells. Treble and alto ringers play in hand, whilst the bass ringers ring off table. Other styles and techniques are used throughout to enhance the musicality of the melodies.

EART has performed spring concerts annually since 2007, excluding 2020 and 2021 due to the Covid pandemic. This season’s concerts, planned for spring 2024, focus on a century of music featured in movies such as The Graduate and The Empire Strikes Back.


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