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Meet Neil Sands: The host of Thanks For The Memories

This year Thanks For The Memories is returning to Haverhill Arts Centre for a special show on the 80th anniversary of D-Day. Ahead of the show we spoke to Neil Sands about what to look forward to and expect from yet another unmissable concert.

How did the idea for Thanks For The Memories come about?

“I have been producing matinee nostalgia shows for 18 years now. We try to have a different show for a main tour each year but keep the same title for our Christmas production, even though the show changes annually. Our shows are all about memories and the wonderful thing is that music can bring back so many special memories. Sometimes you only have to unlock one memory for it to open so many more.”

Do you have a personal connection to the armed forces?

“My father was in the army in the 2nd world war and came into Gold beach, Normandy on D-Day 6th June 1944.”

What music can we expect to hear at the show?

“Over 60 songs from the 40’s through to the 70’s – everything from Very Lynn to ABBA, plus singalong favourites, show tunes and much more.”

Do you have a favourite song to perform live?

“I have lots, and one of the best things about this show is how much the audience join in and sing along, so I just love it when I can stop singing and they just carry on. It’s brilliant!”

What else can we expect to see at the show?

“Stunning costumes (over 40 costume changes), great vocals from both Babette Smith and Chloe Walker, our 2 amazing singers, and the backing from the Golden Times duo.”

How will the show commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day?

“It was very important for me to make this very special as my dad was there on that day 80 years ago. I really don’t want to give away anything to spoil it, but it is a very moving and then spirit lifting celebration of a day that changed the world forever.”

Will I be able to take part to show my support for the armed forces?

“Audiences are encouraged to sing along and wave their flags as we pay our special tribute to the veterans of all the armed forces.”

Sounds great, what makes Haverhill such a special place to return to?

“I have been coming to Haverhill for many, many years it’s always a brilliant afternoon with a wonderful audience, so I am really looking forward to bringing back lots of very special memories and celebrating D-Day in style.”

This year’s show is on Thursday 6 June at 2:00pm. Click here to book your tickets.

Tell me more about Thanks For The Memories

Experience a heart-warming trip down memory lane, celebrating the 80th anniversary of D-Day, along with favourite songs from the 40’s to the 70’s.

The UK’s leading matinee nostalgia show producer invites theatregoers to join him and his wonderful West End cast in their newest matinee production Thanks For The Memories. Join Neil Sands and his wonderful cast as they take you on a magical trip back down memory lane, bringing to life some of the greatest music from the fabulous 40s, the rocking 50s, (including a tribute to the late great Buddy Holly on the 65th anniversary of his tragic death), the swinging 60s, and the sensational 70s. Over 60 all-time favourite songs made famous by the likes of Vera Lynn, The Beatles, Tommy Steele, Elvis, The Beatles, and many more.

The highlight of Thanks For The Memories will be a flag-waving finale to celebrate the 80th anniversary of D-Day as everyone pays tribute to the veterans of the armed forces. Stirring voices and authentic costumes are sure to evoke poignancy and emotion during this unforgettable show.

Click here to book your tickets.


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