The Nosy Little Troll

Family event Sun 18 Sep 2022 2:30PM


  • 18th September 2022 | 2:30PM
    Prices: Standard: £8.00 | Concessions: £7.00

Deep in the heart of the Norwegian Forest live the trolls – big trolls, tiny trolls and a Nosy Little Troll who has an amazingly sensitive nose…

One day there is a mumbling and a rumbling from the trolls. Something is leaving a trail of destruction through the trees, leaving a stinky smell behind them. Join the

Nosy Little Troll to follow her nose on a quest to solve the mysterious pong. Will she be brave enough to cross the scary old stone bridge and succeed in sniffing out the culprit?

Join us for this funny Scandinavian story starring a tasty brown cheese song, a lost goat and a bushy old troll with green fingers

Garlic Theatre hold their young audience spellbound with wonderfully crafted troll puppets, live music and lots of joining in.


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