Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Family event


Roll-Up, Roll-Up for the best family panto on earth as this enchanting and exciting new production arrives this Easter. Featuring Britain’s Got Talent star & Guinness World record-breaker JAY RAWLINGS as Silly Billy, this much-loved fairy tale is set in the circus where Goldilocks and Silly Billy fall upon hard times. They befriend and enlist help of three talented and musical bears to bring their circus fortunes back to life. The evil Ringmaster, Baron Von Lader Housen has other ideas, plotting to capture the bears and make them work for him. It takes Goldilocks, Silly Billy and all the boys and girls to outwit the Baron and rescue the bears in a heart-warming happy ending!

Featuring stunning circus acts under the direction of former Cirque du Soleil’s Renato Pires make this a thrilling family show for all ages.

Simon Cowell said Jay Rawlings was

“Amazing…with a danger element we haven’t seen before…and you got a world record! Congratulations…Its obviously 4 yes’s!”

David Walliams said: “Yes! Yes! Yes! Jay Rawlings is a world record breaker!”

PLUS- Why not join the circus yourself with our exciting Circus Workshop? Let the professionals teach you the secrets of how to juggle, rola-bola, plate spin, balloon model and even walk the high wire! A two hour class for all ages from 8 years old. Separate tickets available.


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