Cliff and the Shadz


A two-hour show of songs celebrating the finest achievements of Cliff Richard and The Shadows with authentic recreations of all the big hits complemented by some slick choreography and sharp dressing.

One day in the French alps, the quiet and unassuming Adam Hindson was having a few quiet drinks after a day’s skiing. As drinks flowed and the ski gear came off, a reveller in the bar noticed an uncanny resemblance between Adam and the pop legend, Cliff Richard. The subsequent arrival of a magnum of champagne from the reveller came with a challenge for this Cliff look alike to show he could match his physical appearance with his singing.

Expection was not high that such a challenge could be met until, amongst the boistrous laughter and chanting of, “sing… sing… sing…”, Adam burst into a note and tone perfect acapella version of “Living Doll”. The crowd went silent and listened intently, unable to believe that this was not the real Cliff standing in front of them.

As luck would have it guitarist Mark Burton was in the bar and was recruiting for a Shadows tribute show. He approached Adam and found they both had a mutual interest in ‘60s music and loved the work of The Shadows and of Cliff Richard. A partnership was created and the concept of Cliff and The Shadz was born.

A few tweaks in bad line up concluded with Lee Korver on drums, Graham Hamilton on lead guitar and keyboards and former Freddie and the Dreamers’ bassist and vocalist Gary Rudd on bass. Cliff and the Shadz has joined with international concert producer, Trace Dann (“When Aussies Ruled Britannia”, “Tapestry
– The Album”, “Frank Ifield Remembers” and “HerStory”) to create a truely high quality two hour show that celebrates the finest songs and biggest hits from the golden years of both The Shadows and Cliff Richard.

All numbers are done true to the original recordings and The Shadz prove they are also capable of the slick choreography and image for which The Shadows are well known. With rave reviews declaring this “the best show of its kind”, Cliff and The Shadz are ready to take audiences on a wonderful trip down memory lane


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