POSTED: 16th December 2019 16th Dec 2019

This and That

A behind-scenes look at panto

So we are well and truly into the festive season and at HAC that means it’s time to go to Panto land.

While on the surface of it things may appear calm and quiet this week and last, really there’s a lot of preparations going on for the busiest time of the year for any theatre. During these days we’ve got a team of festive technicians working on putting everything into place for our magical panto offering of the season, the story of Snow White. The show will be bought to you with our long standing panto buddies That’s Entertainment Productions staring some familiar and fresh faces.

Like any good festive tradition there’s a recipe of things that go in to it.

We see the starring return of TV funny man Drew Cameron as Muddles whose affection towards Snow White isn’t fully reciprocated. We’re looking forward to welcoming Katherine Mansi back to Haverhill as the Wicked Queen; will she ruin the day with her poisoned apple? Of course there’s Snow White herself, the fairest in the land and the Prince who is destined to save Snow White withe the help of the seven dwarfs and the dancers of Lisa Mason School of Dance.

To complement the talent on stage we need the support of a small but well form band of musicians to accompany us through the adventure.

But what else goes into a HAC panto? What about the bits you don’t see? There’s over 100 lights being put into place to light the magic. Three different backdrop cloths to transform you to a different location. 15 litres of paint to immerse you in the action. 200 metres of festive lighting. 140 lighting states carefully designed to enhance the action. A dozen video effects including a visit from someone even more powerful than the Wicked Queen. A magic mirror. Hundreds and hundreds of meters of all sorts of cables and many of hours of careful preparation.

Snow White runs from Friday 20th December to Monday 30th December with tickets selling fast, so get on to to get yours now.


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